Had a three mile climb to start my day and a headwind to end it. A little rain to start the day but I never got hit by the big stuff that was to my north. I planned on riding to Bonesteel just because I thought it was a cool name. It was only 42 miles but the miles didn’t come easy today. I stopped for lunch in a town called Burke and the first place I went into was closed a twelve thirty and I got there at one. The nice lady working there still filled my water bottles. I went to the postoffice,dropped off some postcards and talked shop with a couple guys out front. I was eating a banana and walking down the street and a lady coming out of a bank asked if I had lunch yet and if not I should go across the street to the police station/community center. I thanked her for the tip and said id go after the library. At the library I saw that it’s only open Saturdays and Wednesdays so that was easy. As I was leaving a nice old lady walking up asked if I needed anything and I said I was going to use the computer but it wasn’t open. She told me they didn’t have a computer but they were getting one next week!
Went to the community center and found I was to late for lunch but I was able to grab a brownie and make a small donation to the local girls softball team. My lunch search finally came to an end at a gas station on my way out of town,it was taco Tuesday! So I had a couple tacos and a couple of farmers staring at the spandex guy from the future. Ended my
day in Bonesteel as planned and when I was weighing different options on a place to set up camp I met a nice lady that worked for the newspaper. Long story short, it looks like this guy on his bike is big news in a small town and my picture and a little write up will be in the paper tomorrow.