Packed up my illegal camp site and headed back in to town. The casino had fewer cars in the parking lot and the store seemed calmer too. I got a piece of carrot cake and some chocolate milk for breakfast. I feel like I’m a kid again eating all this junk food. I applied some of my (2nd bottle of the trip) sunscreen and hit the road. The first 14 miles flew by before I knew it. It’s amazing some days it feels like it takes forever to get going and others it just happens. I had two long climbs with nice views and then I was on top of a hill overlooking the town of Chamberlain. It looked like a quaint little place with a couple of bridges crossing the river and some green hills surrounding it, I thought I picked the perfect lunch spot. After racing down the hill, avoiding the temptation to try out the runaway truck ramp, I snapped a pic or two and looked at my map deciding where to go next. After consulting my map I decided to just stay and enjoy the day in town. I’ve got plenty of time and it’s nice to see a nice place and just stop, so I did. I was registered at the campground by 12:30 and had my tent up and laundry hanging by one. I ate some lunch at the marina and read my book. Went back to camp and took a nap on a picnic table because it’s too warm in the tent. Funny how I went from freezing toes to too warm in a week. The best part of the day was not having to wring my clothes out because they had so much time to hang dry.