Woke up with my alarm at seven and it was raining so I stayed in bed ( in bag?) until the rain stopped a out two hours later. I walked over to the convenience store part of the resort and got a coffee and some really bad(and bad for you) packaged baked goods. Watched some news and all the fishermen congregating in the store getting ready for a day out on the lake. After my usual stretch and pack up the tent ( almost dry) routine I hit the road towards Pierre. I finally found the flat section of SD that I’d been hearing so much about. I’d say about forty of my fifty were pretty flat today. There was nowhere to stop for a snack break or lunch break so I decided at mile marker 275(about halfway) I’d take my lunch break on the side of the road. I was near break time and the dark area in the sky was getting bigger and closer so I figured I’d just go a little further before I stopped. In the distance I could see lightning but I couldn’t hear any thunder so I thought I was ok, I was wrong. I started to hear thunder and the storm was coming a lot faster than I thought. Fortunately, I wasn’t riding strait into the storm but to the blue sky away from it, so I thought. It almost seemed as if the storm was chasing me. I put on my coat but didn’t wast any time with pants or anything else. The thunder kept getting nearer and I’d ride faster because there is nothing taller than me on the prairie and I didn’t want to be laying in a ditch waiting for the storm to pass. Finally after an hour of trying to outrun it I gave in and went down a back road to some buildings to look for shelter to wait it out. I found a marina that had a restaraunt and as soon as I ordered my sandwich it seems like the storm had passed. After lunch I was beautiful outside. You wouldn’t even know it had just been storming if there weren’t puddles of water on the road. The last 16-20 miles getting into Pierre were nice. I got in met my hosts and some of their friends and neighbors. I grabbed a shower and did laundry as is the routine when I have the chance. Ate the best dinner of the trip that included walleye from the river and a salad not made with iceberg lettuce. After dinner went to the towns most popular ice-cream joint Zestos. I’m tired.