Four weeks on the road today! I’ve had two rest days and 28 riding days. Although, I did cycle more on my Portland rest day than some of my riding days but I had no bags weighing me down so it was easier.
My goal today was Akaska to Pierre and it didn’t happen. First let me say what a difference a day makes, the weather was beautiful today. I had perfect riding conditions and for the first time in a long time broke out the sunglasses and sun screen. I’ve been seeing all sorts of colorful birds on the roads recently. The largest and most awkward flying are the pheasants that this area is famous for. All the “resorts” and lodges say wings and walleye. Tons of folks out fishing. I can always start a friendly conversation with the old ” are they biting?” routine. As friendly as most people are I get the feeling from some that they don’t really like my type of folk.
On the road today I got three flat tires. Yesterday’s gravel roads and the arrowhead that pierced my back tire made me use my green spare tire I had on hand. My rear tire was about to be swapped with the front because they back wears more quickly but I didn’t even want to bother after the big gash. I have a feeling the front will be replaced before the end of the trip. Anyhow, after being on the side of the road and fixing flats my back had enough and I called my Pierre contact and let him know I’d be coming thru mañana and that worked fine with their schedule. (thankfully) After the call I backtracked a little to Bob’s Resort, aka trailer park, paid for a site,set up camp,had a shower and stretched out the old back.