As has become standard procedure I’ll catch you up on last night before I write about today. I ate at a resort (bait,rvs,gas and restaurant) and went down the hill to set up camp. I asked at the “resort” when they would be closing for the night and I got at 8 or 9 whenever everyone is gone. And I’m all set up down the hill at ten after eight so I figure I’d ride up and see I I could have a beer and read my book for a bit, worse case scenario they’d be closed and I’d just read in the tent sans the beer. I get up there and ask the owner if I’m in time for a beer(some of the chairs were stacked and they were prepping for close) and she said yes. So I sit down at the bar and order a “rusty beaver” brewed in Montana and a couple of guys with there wives were around the bar and we all start talking. It was actually more like I was getting interviewed at first but after I answered every possible question about the bike ride and the bike we all got another beer and started on the jokes. By the end of the night we were rolling dice to see who would buy the next round. Yours truly got lucky with the dice and had a pretty cheap tab at the end of the night. I hope the wives don’t hate me too much for keeping the hubbies out a bit later than planned. As we were all realizing it was probably time to go the farmer of the group had the owner grab a postcard and everyone signed the back of it and I’ll now have a reminder of the great night.
The next morning I hit the showers at the campground,packed my freshly rained on tent and started towards the South Dakota border. After being on the road for about ten minutes an suv coming towards me started slowing down and a hand holding a water bottle came out the window. It was the farmer I’d met the night before he thought I might be needing the water after last night. Last night at the “resort” we had been talking about this really powerful flashlight and he said he was going to come by in the morning and give me one. Now I just assumed that was one of those things you say after a beer or two but he really meant it. After talking for a little on the side of the road he handed me a bill and said here’s some beer money for your trip. I thanked him and said I’d put it to good use.
I was in good spirits after such a fun night and meeting such nice people, I didn’t even mind the little bit of rain I was getting. I worked my way towards the SD border and watched the mile markers on the side of the road slowly count down. By the time I arrived at the state line I was pretty chilly and ready to take a photo/ snack break. I had about ten more miles to get to Pollock were I planned on eating lunch. After another terrible lunch (at least it was hot) I hit the road for the last thirty-eight miles to get to Mobridge. Halfway I noticed a cow on the side of the road that had obviously snuck out the fenced in area so after I snapped a quick pic I pedaled to a house a ways down to let somebody know. At the ranch house I got no reply when I rang the bell do I just left. The next ranch over there were some folks working on a fence so I stopped and told them and they said they’d get ahold of the owners.
Lots of nice views looking down on the Missouri and some nice roadside wild flowers too. As I was nearing my end destination I ran into a couple of mean hills that put me in my granny gears and also set my thighs in fire.
With the forecast having rain tomorrow and the temps dropping down into the low thirties I felt like tonight was a good motel night. So I put my beer money to good use and will be enjoying the Wrangler Inn until checkout at 11.