Last night some pretty good thunderstorms rolled thru Hebron. It was my first experience being in the tent with a t-storm and it was a little unnerving to say the least.The area I had set my tent up had pretty good shelter from the wind and it ended up being just fine. In the morning I rode in the rain(not storming anymore) to the gas station to get a coffee and use the restroom. In the back of the gas station there was a group of older folks that live intown and they shared a piece of cake with me. After I finished my coffee I thanked them and rode back to load up my tent. I stopped in the town diner for breakfast and ending up chating with trucker for a while. He and I were the only two customers onthe cafe. He told the waitress that he’d be picking up my bill as his way of helping me on my journey. I took off with directions from my new trucker friend and headed to the next town east. The wind had calmed down and the rain was pretty light so pedaling wasn’t too challenging. Just on the outside of town some snaggle toothed redneck with a beat up car that was being held together with bungy cords told me to ride on the sidewalk before I cause an accident. I told him I know the rules and I’m allowed to ride on the street and with that he got upset and started screaming he knows the rules and he rides his bike on the sidewalk, like you should. With that I thanked him and road off. I didn’t give him my two cents like I might normally do. I made good time and got to Bismarck mid afternoon. I sent a text to the couple I met at the campground and got directions to their home. Just as i got to the house and greeted what felt like old friends the sun broke thru the clouds and we all enjoyed a beer in the backyard. I was made to feel right at home and quickly did by doing laundry,airing out my tent and grabbing a much needed shower. By the time I had cleaned up a few friends and neighbors had joined outback and we all had a great time chatting around the table. One of the neighbors had a sweet collection of motorcycles and old bicycles that we took turns riding.
The next morning in the kitchen I was greeted with delicious coffee and French toast. After breakfast and airing up my tires I was escorted out of town with a scenic detour thru a local college that had great views of the prairie and bismarck. You could see the river snaking around and the Capitol building standing well above the rest of town. ( the Capitol building,all twenty stories, is the tallest building in all of North Dakota)
I had to take the first part of the ride pretty slow until my leg got going/the Advil kicked in. Fortunately I had a nice tail wind for the first part of the ride and only once I was warm did the road change direction so I had a strong cross wind. The last three mile of the day almost killed me going head on to a brutal wind. I ended in a park about fifty some miles from Bismarck.