Quick update from last night I had my first ever elk burger,pretty good. I also have come to a boiling point with terrible side salads, now I always ask if it just iceberg lettuce before I order because paying extra for a terrible salad has happened one to many times.
On to today. It was a chilly night with lows in the bottom thirties but the tent and sleeping bag with a
mat underneath handled it just fine. I didn’t want to go outside this morning because I was too cozy but eventually the need to pee got the upper hand.
My clothes I washed last night in the shower had not yet dried and I knew rain was in the forecast so I couldn’t hang em on the bike to air dry as I go so I threw them in the drier by the office. While I was packing up one of my campground neighbors came over and we talked shop for a bit and them he invited me to his rv for coffee. It was nice to warm my hands and chat for a bit. The husband and wife have paddled canoes retracing much of Lewis and Clark’s expedition. I thanked them for the coffee and went back out into the cold and wind to finish packing up. (they also gave me some Advil when they saw I could hardly walk)
So my canoe neighbors had left for a memorial service and I had dry clothes and packed everything up when another camp neighbor (who I’d met the night before at the restaurant) came over and we talked bikes for
A bit and then he found out I was passing thru Bismark and said that I was welcome to stay at there house. I’m really amazed with the kindness and generosity people have shown me.
I hit the road and my leg felt better pedaling than walking but I was really trying to take it easy starting knowing that if I pushed to hard to soon it might ruin the days
ride. The first 3or 4 miles were up hill and once I got onto the freeway I saw a group of wild horses that eluded me in my visit to the park yesterday. After afew more miles I came to the Painted Canyons and stopped to enjoy the view for a bit.
It was cold and windy and I really struggled to get going. It took me forever to make it to my lunch spot and I skipped a meal in a restaurant for a terrible gas station sandwich so I could save time and money. I stopped in a bar in a small town to refill my water bottles and had a shot of JD to warm my hands. I talked with some nice folks at the bar and my toes and hands thawed out so i went to squeeze in a few more miles and the nice lady bar-tending offered me a sandwich for the road. The wind drained me and I was running out of daylight and I ended coming up short on my goal for the day. Normally I wouldn’t mind but the wind and weather is going to be worse tomorrow so I’m a little bummed about coming up short.