I was taking my time this morning reading my book in the tent and I looked outside and saw dark clouds rolling in and figured I better pack it out before the rain comes. I rolled into town and hit the only open restaurant and had coffee and breakfast. My nice waitress rinsed out my water bottles and refilled them for me. I talked to a couple old timers about my trip and then I hit the bathroom brushed my teeth and hit the road. My first leg of the ride was on I94 and it took me in to North Dakota. I exited the first exit to Beach ND. I’m not to sure how it was named because I didn’t see any beach or water. From Beach I got on an old highway running east and heard a loud siren that I briefly thought was a tornado siren. I thought the weather wasn’t that bad and looked a my phone and saw that it was noon and that was what the siren was for. That got my attention and almost had me turn back into town to look for shelter. Out on the road I was sluggish and just kept thinking about that next day off and maybe getting a motel or something. It was cold and gray with a light rain and I just wasn’t feeling it. I came across a small town ,Sentinel Butte, and went in to the only store that just so happened to be a gas station/repair shop/grocery/restaurant. I walk in and ask if I was to late for coffee(it was about noon) and the nice guy working there put some on. Me,him and another couple of guys all sat down at a table in the front of the shop and started talking about this and that. We chatted about the ride and then we got going on hay and then I mentioned the drought Texas had last year. One othe local guys( eating a microwave cheeseburger and chips) said that he had shipped some hay down to Texas last summer. After a couple of cups of joe and some friendly conversation with the locals I decided it was time to hit the road if I was going to accomplish anything on the day. I gave the guy a buck for the coffee ( I’ve noticed the going rate for coffee in the small towns I’m going thru is about a buck sometimes only seventy five cents) and he handed it right back and said it was on him. With my hands and heart warmed ,by yet another strangers generosity, I continued down the road. I stopped in Medora early afternoon and set up shop at the campgrounds. It was really
windy and that caused some difficulty with the setup process but in the end I prevailed.
Road thru the Theodore Roosevelt park and saw some prairie dogs and maybe a bison. ( I’m not sure it was so far away) I was going to ride a bit further into the park but then I saw the road going all the way down to the river and I knew that I didn’t want to climb back up so I turned around and headed back into town for dinner.