Ok so last night after dinner I went into one of the two bars intown for a beer. ( as you have probably figured out by now I enjoy a nice cold delicious beer now and then) I ask the bartender for a beer made in Montana and she finds me a Bayern. I’m sitting at the bar enjoying my beer and charging my phone in an outlet behind me and this guy says to me “them is almost Steeler colors” referring to my rain jacket. I agreed and told him I’m from Pittsburgh and he says the guy across the way is also a steelers fan. Long story short, both of the Steeler fans in Circle Montana bought me a beer and I posted that on my Facebook page and then a few minutes later te bartender hands me a beer and says “this is from night rider”. I have no idea what she is talkin about so I look on my Facebook page for clues and find out my good friend from Canada (who lives in Fort Worth) had seen my fb post and looked up the bar I was at (one of two in town) and he called the bar and gave his credit card # with instructions to buy me a beer. I couldn’t believe it. Crazy. Before I left the bar that night the guys were singing Steeler songs and the bartender bought me a drink too. Fortunately I made it out of the bar at a decent hour and had a good night of sleep. In the morning, before I hit the road, I had to buy a Gatorade and chug some water to make sure my dehydrated butt could pedal seventy miles.
Very pleasant ride and I finally found the flat part of Montana. People all say the eastern side of the state is so flat and boring, well they’re not riding a bike. I had all hills all day, minus the twenty some miles from Lindsey to Glendive that was flat and fast with a great tailwind. In Glendive I stopped at the grocery store for fruit and the library for emails. I also wasted half an hour looking for a phantom bike shop that didn’t exist. My last twenty-5 of the day went like this. 8 on interstate 94, twelve on a back country road with great views and almost no cars (two cars passed me in twelve miles) and the last bit of the day back on the interstate. I’m currently in Wibaux and camped out at a trailer park just outside of town. ( notice a theme?)