I packed up my tent and headed to the gas station that I knew was opening up at 8. (two side notes before I continue. 1st. I should have called yesterday’s post “s-wheat sixteen” because of all the wheat grown in the area. 2nd. I moved my tent sensing the sprinklers and the decision to move on the the concrete by the pool paid off. However, when I went to go pee in the middle of the night by the bushes the sprinklers had their revenge and got me pretty good. ) Back to today. I went to the gas station to have a coffee and use the bathroom. After stretched outside and went back in to brush my teeth and buy crackers to go with my salmon. Long story short the nice lady working couldn’t wait for me to hit the road I’d been there for an hour. On the road I took it real easy in the beginning and at next little town, after my warmup, kicked it into high gear. Lots of nasty wind made my progress painfully slow and after my lunch about halfway to Lewiston I decided after twenty-5 more miles I’d be dead and just stay in town at a motel and do laundry. The wind didn’t change but the road took turn that put the wind at my side and then the last ten into town my back. As I rolled into to with my new best friend the wind. I kinda felt like staying in Lewiston would be a waste so I took a few pics of noteworthy buildings and re-applied sunscreen and ate a a gross amount trail mix (I almost made a meal of it) and I hit the road to Grassrange thirty miles away. After looking at my PDF map on my cell(there was a reroute due to gas drilling and bad traffic in north Dakota so I don’t have paper maps for two legs of the trip) I knew that the first seven or 8 miles was uphill but then after that I had some good downs and level road so I felt like it was a good choice moving on. The climb thru the Judith mountains was very nice, just the kind of uphill I enjoy. Saw some deer leaping around and jumping over barbed-wire fences to cross the road. Made it to Grassrange went into town and found a restaurant to go eat and find out where to camp. Once again the locals said just go down to the park and you’ll be fine. As I was sitting at the bar eating my sandwich a guy came in and smelled worse than me with all the horse dung on his boots. This place is the real deal Montana.

Actually, after a shower at the gas station/truck stop I asked some kids that were sitting
if school was out and they replied in two more days. Knowing that ,I didn’t want to go camp in the park by the school so I paid four bucks and camped behind the gas station.