Electric-range to Jordan, I mean Grassrange to Jordan became my goal as I hit the road this morning. The weather was nice and I was off to an early start(for me) and when I saw the sign saying 100 miles to Jordan I couldn’t resist. My original plan was to hit Sand Springs about 6ix-Tee miles away but as soon as I got I the road I new I could do more. The first twenty flew by and I stopped in to the town of Winnet and used the restroom and bought some snacks for the road. The road starts out smooth and level,at one point the road felt like glass and I was flying. I knew that wouldn’t last and it didn’t after about thirty the terrain changed to long rolling hills and slowed my racing to a crawl.
I took my lunch break in Sand Springs and as I turns out the whole town is one building that’s a postoffice,general store,gas station and restrooms. ( only the girls restroom works) After lunch I hit the road and was feeling ok at first but then the hills started catching up with me and I was sluggish. The dark clouds moving in from the west kept me motivated and pushing the tempo. I made it into Jordan just before the rain and I went straight to the motel and booked a room. I know I’ll have to camp in bad weather eventually but I was rundown and the motel was a good deal, plus a shower and laundry are much easier when not camping.
I’m currently at one of the two bars intown and just stuffed my face with a pork chop sandwich. ( there is such a thing ) I met I guy who’s riding his motorcycle around the country. Not across like me. We shared camping stories and talked about North Dakotas drilling mess with the traffic and no hotels or motels so starting tomorrow unless I want to pay a buck 20 for a crumby room I’m camping rain or shine.
I always seems to feel like an outsider walking in to these small town bars. It’s not only the bar but it’s the social gathering place for the whole community. You’ll see kids and family’s and truck drivers talking with ranchers and farmers. It’s quite a scene , almost like out of the movies.