I woke up just before my alarm at 8 and was getting out if the tent and about to put my coat on and head to the gas station to use the facilities and brush my teeth and I heard John say ” morning sunshine”. John asked me if I wanted a beer or coffee(I took him up on the joe, he was having a beer) and said that I was welcome to use the bathroom and got me a clean towel for a shower. There’s even todays paper in there if you want to read it,he tells me. Yesterday his girlfriend didn’t want a stranger in the house (understandably so) but John liked me and she had warmed up to me and was ok with me being the house. She even offered to let me do laundry. After a great shower, John offered to walk to the grocery store with me. (I wanted to get some apples and bananas and he needed a case of beer) I found my fruit and bought J a case of Busch to thank him for letting me crash. Back at the house I packed up my
tent and J enjoyed some Busch on ice. (gross) Before I took off,John with the long hair told my to get a haircut and handed me his phone number and said to call if I get in any shit, that way he could tell me I was screwed! (<; edited) But in all seriousness it was a genuine offer to help If I got into any trouble on the road.
On the road I was surprised to see more mountains ahead of me. I foolishly thought I was done but the Highwoods said I wasn't. Uphill and after about twenty miles I went down a hill to a canyon town called Belt. I talked with some locals and enjoyed my lunch by the river. After chatting with the locals I found out I didn't have to go up the hill the way I came but could follow a river thru the canyon and catch the highway down a ways. The canyon and the valley out were pretty breathtaking. Anytime I think the good stuff is over I'm always pleasantly surprised with something else to see. Never being to any of these places before, every hill I go over or bend I go around I'm seeing something new. I worked my way up the valley and to the top of the hills in-between the mountains and stopped in Geyser to see if there was somewhere to camp. After going into the town bar and getting directions and having a local guy buy me a whiskey and say he could walk fifty miles a day. I headed out for 15 more miles to Stanford. On the way I ran into a couple of tough hills and some light rain. The temps were pretty chilly but the views were awesome. As I was riding down the last hill towards town the sun broke thru the clouds and there was a little rainbow on the horizon. (aww) In town I managed to find a place still serving food and asked the locals where I might set up camp. Someone told me to set up by the pool at the park. I'm sure the sprinklers will get me before I make it out of town.