Taking the day off from the journey to explore Missoula and get my
bicycle a quick tune up before heading back out into the middle of nowhere. Missoula is a really cool town and I’m not sure a day is enough time to soak it all in and from what I’ve heard lots of people passing thru just end up staying here,so I’m being very careful that it doesn’t happen to me too. Tons of people,of all ages, on bicycles and all styles of bike too. One thing I’ve noticed is the milk crate on the back of the bike seems to be a common theme but other than that, anything goes around here. Also,lots of breweries around town and that’s a plus. The town is surrounded by mountains and amazing views and is really walkable with lots of unique shops and restaurants. I think the only thing this town doesn’t have going for it is it is in Montana and people here are way to nice. If you are trying to cross a street all the cars stop for you no matter what. It’s scary. People yield to bikes if they need to or not and it’s a total bizarro world to most of the rest of the states where the car is king and not going to wait
one second for anybody or
At the place I’m staying here intown there is going to be a jazz concert tonight. I helped getting the place ready by mowing the lawn and when I get back to the house (after
brewery break) I’m going to be helping
out with food before the program starts. The people you can meet and the things you get to see on a bike tour really make it all worth while for sure.