Today’s goal was Helllsgate to Kamiah. It was just under seventy miles for the day and I felt good about getting some miles under my belt after two easy days. I got rolling about 8 and had a pleasant start to the ride. A town called Culdesac was my
planned bathroom, snack stop but when I got there it was a ghost town minus a cement factory. I went on and started the toughest and most rewarding climb todate. Fifteen miles from sac town to Winchester and it was all up hill. The first eight miles(no I wasn’t rapping ) were granny gear miles, after that it leveled off and was a very easy ride. Snow capped mountains started coming into view and the sun was out making for a very enjoyable time. (once I got over the hard stuff)
In Winchester ,population 300 and named after the gun guy, I ran into a crazy old dude that was inspecting my bicycle. Telling me I needed different tires and shocks on the front and back. He was saying that my seat was no good and I should get a padded one. I played along and told home I would upgrade on the ride.
With the toughest part of the day done I felt confident I could make it to Kamiah by seven but as luck would have it I got a pinch flat about 12 miles out. Glad it’s the front tire, I thought to myself until I quickly realized my front rack was in the way of changing it. A little frustration and lack of proper tools later I was back on the rode. I should note that two good samaritans stopped to see if I was ok.
In town, after a long chilly downhill, I rode around and took a few pics while I still has some sunlight and then I went into one of the two bars in town to ask about camping and get a much deserved beer. (I think I earned it)
It turns out you are allowed to just set up camp in the town park for free and that played well into my tight budget. (the night before my camp fee was 17. It would have been 19 if I was riverside)
At the park I got set up and ate a terrible dinner.( a banana,fritos,buffalo jerky,carrots and some cheese) I was starting to worry that I wouldn’t sleep well with the road traffic so close and there was also some sort of factory near by making all sorts of noise but in the end I slept like a champ. I didn’t even wake up when the sprinklers went off sometime between 3 and 6.