I made the decision this morning to not go out white water rafting like I said might do last night around the campfire. All the bartenders from
Missoula were a Lochsa Lodge for an annual competition were they all hang out for a night go rafting the next day and then do the competition and have an award ceremony were the best drink gets the “Golden Paddle”. I thought to myself what are the chances of stumbling on this in the middle of the woods and normally I’d love to stay and have fun but I’m on a mission and right now that mission is taking me to Missoula not down a river in a dry suit.
I knew my most killer summit was coming up and I was mentally prepared for a tough day but the first part of the climb wasn’t too bad and the second part,that was pretty killer, I just tried to pace my self and it worked out just fine. On Lolo Pass I was almost disappointed that it wasn’t a little longer. Riding with snow on the side of the road and mountaintop views isn’t something you get to do every day. On top of the pass there was a visitors center that had wifi and hot chocolate. I took advantage of both. I also made a small donation using all the pocket change I had weighing me down.
About forty miles more and I was in Missoula were I’m planning to take a day off. Bike shop,postoffice,grocery store and adventure cycling are all on the to-do list.