Leaving Kamiah I had planned on stopping at a campsite down the road to borrow a shower but the first place I saw had more security than Fort Knox and by the time I got to the second campground I figured I’m all ready sweaty ill just keep going. I stopped at a small town called Koskia in hopes of using their library but since it was Saturday I had no luck. I did buy some cookies from a bake sale that was going on in town. (I still have two left if you can believe it) I also stopped into the town grocery store to get lunch and carrots and trail mix since I was almost out. Being on a tight budget and having a lack of space I’m always careful with what I buy at the store and I’m not sure if this guy noticed the way I was shopping or he was just being a nice guy but at the checkout he was behind me and said” let me get your tab”. He went on to tell me that it was his way of helping me out on my trip. We briefly discussed what I was doing and where I was ending the ride and he slipped me a twenty and said God bless you man. Normally I would have refused the cash but in this case until I hit Missoula I’m almost flat broke and it really helped me out. What kindness and generosity from a perfect stranger. As I was riding away I was thinking about his last words to me and I was saying to myself, he just did.
The ride took me further up the Clearwater river and it is pretty clear water. The smell of pine combined with the sun and a nice tailwind made for pleasurable pedaling. At some point the Lochsa and Selway combine into the Clearwater and the further up stream you go the more white water. All of those rivers are “wild” and thank goodness they weren’t dammed up because it would have made for a boring ride. Lots of rafters and kayaks on the river I took three food and relaxing breaks and enjoyed the roar of the water working its way down stream. About forty miles into my day (with very little traffic) a semi comes barreling down the hill and crosses from his lane into mine as if he was trying to hit me. I all happened so fast I didn’t even have time to get freaked out. I don’t think he was trying to hit and kill me but I do think he was trying to be a giant asshole and he succeeded. A little ways up the river I stopped to try to figure out where the nearest campground was and I ended up chatting with a white water kayaker who ,as it turns out, has a girl friend that works for Adventure Cycling Association. We shared a beer on the side of the road and he told me about a place to camp. I was heartbroken to see that the showers and normal bathrooms were still winterized but ,to tell you the truth, even after a baby wipe bath I feel much better. What a day it was with a random act of kindness that came at just the right time to the jerk that tried to run me
off the road. I’m tired and going to bed (should I say tent?) at 8:45 and FYI y’all it’s day two with no cell service of any kind, sorry for the delay.