I left Pomeroy and started climbing towards Clarkston. The climb was pretty long but manageable for the most part. I spent most of the time in my medium gears and only the last quarter mile or so had to dip into the baby gears. The summit of the climb was around 2750ft. and I took a break to eat a cliff bar and layer up before the downhill that was five miles of intense speed and three or for more of a nice and easy cruise . At the bottom of the decent I met the Snake River and followed it to Clarkston where I had some business to take care of. Some dummy lost their wallet and then found it after canceling all his cards. There is no chase bank in Clarkston or Lewiston either so he went from spot to spot trying to figure out a way to get money because he’s running out. To make a long story longer some stupid idiot is on a tight budget for the next few days because it was almost impossible to get the ball rolling on getting some cash. I might
Be doing dishes or scrubbing potatoes tomorrow to pay for dinner.