I’ve been riding along the Columbia river pretty much since the start of things and today I left her behind to head to Walla Walla. I got an early
start to the day and made pretty good time getting into town. Walla is a pretty cool spot and I had my first quality lunch and some pretty weak coffee after to make up for it. I rode around checked out some of the old houses and the university and quaint downtown. I sent emails to a couple of people that had offered to host me explaining that I got into town earlier than I thought and I was just going to keep on riding thru. Almost immediately after I left town I started regretting the decision, am I crazy to turn down a warm
To stay to go out and camp in the middle of nowhere. Yes. But anyway.
I didn’t regret my decision for long the weather was so nice and the scenery was even better. The ride from Walla to Waitsburg was one of the high-lights of my trip so far. After I scarfed down a cheese burger at an old school dinner and took a quick ride around the small town I started huffing it to my campsite about five miles away. I was starting to run out of sun and didn’t want to set up in the dark but out of the corner of my eye I saw a brewery. I initially passed it and thought of the sun but then I circled back five seconds later because the point of a trip like this is to see and do and try different things. So I got a bottle of their IPA and headed to the campground with daylight to spare. It was twelve bucks for a primitive hiker- biker site and I felt it was a little steep but I was donating to a good cause so I didn’t feel too bad until I went to shower and it was 50 cents for three minutes.
The next day I had made plans to go do laundry a a warm showers house. I had now missed two chances to sleep indoors and with all the camping I have coming up I’m sure I’ll regret it it but oh well it will just make the first hotel stay all the sweeter. At my little laundry pit stop I was able to take a longer than three minute shower and had a delicious breakfast made for me too. I was given a tour of an amazing garden and noticed all of the hosts I have had all have some sort of garden. Great minds think alike right? I ended up getting a late start to my biking but it was worth the great conversation and breakfast with a view on the balcony deck overlooking the valley below. I had a great tailwind that was almost pushing me up some of the hills. I went thru a third really cool town called Dayton if you ever want a vacation Walla,Waitsburg and Dayton could be nice. Lots of wineries and antiques and restaurants. There was on monster super fast down hill that was a little sketchy any time the wind was a cross breeze and not behind me. I decided to call it a day in Pomeroy and that makes it four small towns that are all worth the trip.