I forgot to mention on day four that I also rode along the Oregon trail and let me tell you it looked rough. I can hardly
Imagine driving an suv on some of that terrain let alone a covered wagon. I also forgot to mention I stopped
and chatted with a guy that had his bike
loaded down even more than mine. He was the type of guy that jumps a train to Montana and a year or two later rides a bike to Oregon. He said he was pedaling to Arlington or. Not much better than the one in Texas from what I could tell but he said that once he got there he was going to hope a train to Wyoming because it’s been almost 8 years since he’s been there. Anyway…
Day 5 was me leaving Roosevelt and heading to a small town just east of Umatilla Or. I slept great the night before even with the nocturnal animals doing there best to keep me up. Packed everything up and got on the road not too late for the amount of miles I was doing but the headwind combined with a terrible grilled cheese sandwich in a really small town slowed me down. I also got my second flat of the trip. (three if you count the slow leak on the first repair that got fixed)
So I was getting into town and stopped at a convenience store for some water and a grapefruit juice and called my
Host for the night and no one answered. No answer no voice mail and it’s starting to get pretty late in the day. I wait a bit try again and nothing. I’m kinda having an oh crap moment. Not knowing if I should back track to a campground I saw a few miles back or if I try pushing on as far as I can go. I decided to go by the house and just check and see. After riding around on the correct street but the wrong direction I located the house. (maybe it was the bike decoration in the front yard?) After knocking on the door and being pleasantly surprised with someone answering we figured out I had an old number. Even though I showed up a bit late and pretty un announced (minus an old email or two) my hosts welcomed me in. While I was taking a much needed shower a pot of water was thrown on the stove for pasta and there is nothing I like more than pasta! I enjoyed spaghetti and meatballs and we all enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and pleasant conversation. After a great night of sleep and some coffee both me and the husband wife team that hosted me hoped on our bicycles. Them to go to work at the local hospital and me to ride east.