Started the day off in Portland and ended in Mosier. (don’t worry I can’t say it either) The first part of my ride was thru city streets in P town and, as you would expect, most of it was in bike lanes. Leaving the city was at first parks on the outskirts of town turning into beautiful farm land in the hills. Almost every house I rode by in the country had the great smell of a wood burning stove and I kept wishing someone would wave me down and invite me in for coffee by the fire as it was a little chilly
that morning. I got the toughest and longest climb out of the way early in the day and was rewarded with an amazing view on a scenic outlook. A little further down the hill from the outlook was a fancy old rest stop/observation deck made in the twenties with marble and stained glass windows. I grabbed a coffee and warmed my hands before heading further down the hill to see some of the sweet waterfalls. Four or five really amazing falls and unfortunately not enough time to properly enjoy them. I stopped at each one and snapped a quick pic but I didn’t get to go for any hikes to get really close to the action. (or away from the crowds at some of the super popular ones)
I was so blown away by the scenery that I didn’t even mind the rain that started coming down. Biking thru the cascades and falls and the river was just gorge- ous. (sorry to make a stupid joke but it truly was majestic and awe inspiring)
Later in the day,after a crumby lunch at a diner in Cascade Locks, I did my first interstate cycling. I didn’t mind too much because the first leg is a very popular bike route connecting to the historic highway 30 that is pedestrian only. A little further down the road closer to Hood River it was a little sketch on a bridge with no shoulder and with some limited shoulder with debris and rumble strips that had not been removed completely.
In hood River (a smaller ski, micro brew and wind surfing kinda town) I saw a guy with a bike at an ATM and asked about a close coffee shop and he told me and we started chatting and it turns out he was from Fort Worth. We both went for an espresso and talked about cowtown for a bit and then my new found Texas friend offered to ride the last leg of the day with me. So we hit another scenic Section of old 30 and with a nice tailwind and the sun now shining we road into Mosier. We went to a bar called the Thirsty Woman and enjoyed a local brew and before I had called my host for the night we decided to soak up some more of the sun and breeze and view with another beer. Just as I finished my second (and a bottle of water) I looked at my email and saw that it was dinner time up the hill and I felt like a bad school boy that had stayed out to late playing with his friends. After being rescued from the bottom if a six mile 1500 foot climb I enjoyed a great meal with my hosts and another guest. We talked about travel,ballet and obviously bicycles. The food was delicious and the ham and lettuce were both locally grown. There was no shortage of good laughs the whole meal. In the morning I was powered up with some granola and did a couple of minor adjustments on my front wheel that someone, with superior bike know how, told me to try and that annoying sound disappeared.