Mosier to Roosevelt Washington. started the day with a short but tough climb that lead to a great view of mt. Hood and some valleys to the east. In the town of , a six or so mile downhill from the view,i loaded up un food and sunscreen because to day is going to be the first day without rain!Today was also the first day that I would experience a significant stretch of road with nothing on it. Not to worry because I have lots of food and water and if need be I could always hike down the hill to the river and filter water. I had a little bit of a head wind that made the going a little slow but kept on plugging thru. Thinking back there was only one killer climb but that doesn’t mean all those other hills were easy for me. I saw a paraglider or two enjoying the wind that I wasn’t. The terrain had changed from the steep cliffs and mountains from early on to giant grassy hills. The one thing that kept me going was the thought of an ice cold beer when I got into town. But as I rolled into town and saw that the only store was closed I was a little heart broken. I decided to try my luck in North Roosevelt but the only stores there looked like they’d been closed for years. I road around looking for the campground I heard about and the only thing close was a trailer park. I figured I’d see about setting up and then I saw some follows enjoying some beers outside of their mobile home. I went up and asked about the camping and they gave me directions to the site. I then asked about maybe buying a beer off of one of them and a nice guy grabbed me two from inside. After tucking the beer in my bag and explaining that I was from Pittsburgh even though I had a Texas bike jersey on I started making my way to the campsite. As I was leaving I heard one guy say(I can handle Pittsburgh but Texas I don’t know about that) I set up camp down by the Columbia and started chatting with a couple enjoying dinner on a table out side there rv. They told me about the Indian fishing grounds just around the corner that had hot showers. Apparently there’s an area of this park reserved for native American fishing and it was fenced off but a gate had been damaged so it was easy to sneak in. I felt bad trespassing but the idea of a hot shower after a long day in the saddle was too tempting. After my
Illegal shower I enjoyed the trailer park Keystones with some soup and let me tell you that was the best keystone light ever.
The next day, at the only store in town, I was drinking some coffee and eating a banana with an oatmeal cream pie and I noticed some local native caught smoked fish. I bought a can to thank them for the shower.