Had a great day off in Portland with sleeping in and grabbing some supplies for the road ahead. Purchased a couple of new tubes because I gave away one spare to Sam and the other replaced my patch job that go me into Portland but then slowly leaked overnight. So bike shop, then the bank,( don’t ask) and then to Next Adventure for some fuel for my camping stove. It was rainy and in the upper forties when I first went out but later cleared up.
Stopped at a food park for a crepe(honey,chèvre,figs and prosciutto) that warmed my hands and spirits.
As I was eating the sun was coming out but it was still raining and that was really cool and lasted for an hour or two. I also had the chance to meet with some family that I had not seen for years and years and that was really nice. We all went out to dinner at Hop Works and enjoyed delicious,sustainable and organic foods and beer.
Even though it was a day off from the journey I still managed to ride around twenty-five or so miles so hopefully my legs are getting more ready for the ride ahead. Have a big day tomorrow with about 80 some miles and a couple of mean climbs. Wish me luck.