Started out in the rain again,only this time with some nasty wind. The biggest white knuckle moment was on the Lewis and Clark bridge going back across to Oregon. There was very little shoulder to work with and what little there was had lots of debris from all of the lumber that gets hauled over. Yesterday going the crossing wasn’t pleasant but today it was worse with the wind and rain. No real tough hills that come to mind so it was the wind making me ride slowly today. Approximately half way thru my ride today I stopped in st. Helen’s for a lunch and I also went in to a laundry mat and dried my socks,sweater and gloves. I got caught by a lady that worked there and she’s said “I know what you’re doing” at which point I thought I was busted but then she went on to tell me she used to ride a motorcycle and once got caught with wet socks in the microwave at work.
Later in the day the sun broke thru the clouds for a nice afternoon of riding. I was changing my first flat of the trip and saw another touring cyclist approaching. We chatted for a bit and were both going into Portland so we road in together. I found it amusing that I was traveling with a guy from
Ireland named Sam because I just kept thinking of the lord of the rings movie. I didn’t mention that to Sam. sorry for the terrible writing and grammar (get used to it!) but I’m pooped and off to bed. I get to sleep in tomorrow because I’m spending the day in Portland. Ciao.