I woke up really early today making it the third day in a row that I’m sleep deprived. I grabbed a little nap on the bus ride to the coast but much like airplane naps, they really don’t help. I arrived in Astoria on time and very easily made my way to the bike shop. (it was two blocks) The Kona was all ready to go so I took it out for a little test ride and then got changed into my padded shorts and loaded my bags. The water bottles I had in my cages got lost on the way over so the nice folks at the bike shop gave me a couple for my ride.
I took off about one o’clock and as soon as I did it started raining (not enexpected but I was hoping to get lucky) A few climbs and a lot of semi traffic made the first part of the day a little rough. I got sprayed with wind and water every time a truck would fly by. I didn’t mind too much because I was already wet and the wind kinda gives you a turbo boost up those hills. Two big climbs on the day,the second one was in dryer weather. Stopped for soup and to add a pair of socks because I’m more in tune with the beautiful Texas weather I had been enjoying before the trip. Looks like
I better get
In tune with it soon because it’s raining again tomorrow.
I’m about to fall asleep at my first home stay of the trip. My gracious hosts cooked a great pasta and salad for dinner. I washed out the days dirty,wet clothes and took a much needed shower, let’s just hope the clothes all quickly hang dry tonight so I don’t have to leave with wet clothes in tow.
Did around fifty miles today and need to do about the same mañana to make it back to Portland.