My departure date is approaching quickly so I’m making sure I’ve got everything I need for the road. At my workplace (the ballet) there are a handful of guys that like to go backpacking any chance they get and I’ve been picking their brains and raiding their back-packs in preparation for my trip. I got tons of camping and survival tips from the fellas. One guy told me to get bear mace and another told me that if it comes to the point that you’re using bear mace it’s too late. I’ll just be packing my trusty Swiss Army knife and hoping for the best. In addition to the loads of good advice my backpacking buddies also loaned me
a water filter,mess kit and a backpacking stove. My tent and sleeping bag are ready to go and hopefully warm and waterproof.I tested out all my bags on a Sunday Night Riders(more on them later) and minus a little elastic adjustment on my front panniers all the bags seem to be ready for the road. I also bought a solar charger for my iPhone from REI. Now I can have my cell charged no matter where I’m located. If there is service available or not is another question but at least I can take pics or play solitaire anytime I want. Now I think one of the most important pieces of equipment for the trip is a good pair of cycling shorts and my buddy DJ at Pearl Izumi made sure to hook me up with some of the finest attire for my ride.