Received my first set of maps from today! I recently Joined the Adventure Cycling Association and imediately took advantage of my membership by saving thirty dollars on the 3200 miles worth of maps. (I saved big being a member but they got me back with a $13.75 shipping and handling fee for  eight light weight paper maps)  The Lewis and Clark route  I’ll be following is not only the namesake of my trip but about 3/4 of the entire miles. I chose this route, in place of a more direct route, so I could see places I’d never been before. Oregon,Washington,Idaho,Montana,North/South Dakota,Iowa and Nebraska are all new states for me. Can’t wait to explore. After I complete the Oregon to St. louis leg of the trip I’ll be finding the most direct way to Cincinnati (wish me luck, no bike maps) and then hook up with a leg of the ACA Underground Railroad  route thru Ohio to Erie and then go south to the great city of Pittsburgh. Once I say hello to friends and family in the Pittsburgh area I’ll start recreating an earlier bike tour I did  from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. where the ride will be completed.