I now know when I’ll be starting my trip. Still not to sure on when I’ll be finishing…Bought a ticket from DFW to PDX on the 1st of May and got a pretty good deal too. (the only problem is the flight leaves at six A.M.) I’ll be getting in to Portland at 10:30 if all goes well. I’m going to bum around town for a bit and then meet up with some Texas friends who have moved to Portland. After crashing (sleeping, not wrecking) with my Texas bike buddies I’ll be hopping on a Point bus to Astoria on the Oregon coast. I’m pretty sure there’s a bike shop in Astoria that i’ll be mailing my bicycle and camping equipment to. When my bus arrives at noon i’ll grab my gear and head to the coast for a quick lunch and few pics. After that I start my long bike ride east.