My Kona Sutra touring bicycle. Here’s a pic of my bicycle taken on a previous tour. The bike is currently at my local bike shop,Trinity Bicycles, getting a complete tune up. I’ll be rolling with the same size wheel and tires you see in the pic. The cool thing about having the disc-brakes is if I wanted to I could switch to a 26 inch wheel and mtb tires but for this trip the thinner tires and bigger wheels should be what I need. The black and yellow panniers (bags) will be used again for this trip in addition to a new map bag. The map bag sits in-between the handle bars so i can glance at my maps without pulling over. I’ve also upgraded the front rack to a sturdier model than what came stock. The last upgrade I’m making for the trip is no more rat-traps. (the little dohickies that you strap your feet to) I’ve purchased bike shoes and am going clipless. Switching pedals will hopefully keep my feet from hurting as bad on a long day and also give me a little more efficiency with my pedaling.I’m looking forward to getting the bike back from the shop and starting some training rides.